Looking for high-fiber fruits and vegetables to round out your diet? Great idea! They are so good for you and this list will help.

Eating a balanced diet is essential to healthy living. And that begins with making good choices about what you eat. There are so many convenience options available these days, but some of the best foods come straight from nature.

High-fiber fruits and vegetables are some of the best foods. Why? Read on and find out!

How High-Fiber Fruits and Vegetables Help

Packed with good nutrients, fruits and vegetables are the cornerstones of a healthy diet. These foods help your body get the fuel it needs for all the things you wish to do. Moreover, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet and coupled with regular exercise and a good attitude can help you live at a healthy weight.

Every fruit and vegetable contains fiber. The seeds, membranes and skin have the highest concentration of fiber, a carbohydrate that doesn’t make the blood sugar rise. Foods high in fiber have many other benefits including lowering the risk of developing high blood pressure, cancer and heart attacks.

After the fiber is consumed and the stomach is filled, the receptors that are stimulated communicate to the brain to finish eating. 

Whole Grains

Besides being found in fruits and vegetables, fiber is also found in whole grains. 

Whole grains are packed with B vitamins and other nutrients your body needs. Whole grains will take longer to digest than refined grains, which helps keep your blood sugar stable. Whole grains include foods like brown rice, whole grain bread and whole grain pasta. Foods like white rice and white bread are refined grains, which are processed differently by the body.

List of Fruits and Vegetables High in Fiber

This is a partial list of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. There are more! As a rule of thumb, dark leafy greens and colorful fruits often have high amounts of fiber.


apricotscurrantsmelonpomegranate seeds
boysenberriesguavapassion fruitstarfruit
casaba melonkiwipearstamarind


acorn squashcabbagegreen onionsportobello mushrooms
arugulacauliflowerleeksred cabbage
avocadochili pepperslettuceromaine lettuce
beetscollard greensmustard greenssplit peas
bell pepperscornokraSwiss chard
bok choyedamameonionswhite mushrooms
broccolieggplantparsleyzucchini squash
Brussels sproutsgreen beansparsnips

Drink Plenty of Water with Fiber

Along with high-fiber foods, it’s essential to drink a lot of water. Since our body is made up of predominantly water, staying hydrated is essential so the body can do its job at its optimum. Water is also needed to process the foods we eat, especially when eating higher levels of fiber.

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