Make snack time fun with these creepy-crawly Dirt Cups with pudding. These can be enjoyed for snack time at home or on the go.

Dirt cups — chocolate pudding cups topped with crushed Oreo cookies and gummy worms — are shown on a burlap fabric piece.

It’s snack time but — Ooops! — the worms got to it first.

Whip up this delightful, creepy-crawly dirt cups with pudding recipe and watch with glee as kids happily dig in. This is the ultimate kid-friendly, pudding-based snack.

And best of all, they can be eaten for snack at home or on the go.

This grouping of dirt cups with pudding illustrates this dirt cups recipe.

Of course, if you’re making this pudding cup recipe for eating on the go, you’ll want to choose your containers wisely. Mason jars or those clear plastic storage containers with screw-on lids will be perfect.

And don’t forget to pack the spoons too.

Is there anything worse than having a super fun snack and not being able to eat it because you don’t have the right utensils?

Don’t let that happen.

Burlap fabric is topped with plastic cups filled with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo cookies and gummy worms. Plastic spoons sit nearby.

How to make Dirt Cups

Ingredients for this dirt cups recipe are shown on a white surface.

Start by gathering your ingredients. This ensures you can complete the recipe from start to finish easily. This calls for chocolate pudding mix, milk, whipped topping, Oreo cookies and gummy worms. Do read the note in the recipe about the pudding mix though — some folks might want to use extra.

A bowl of chocolate pudding is surrounded by other dirt cups ingredients.

Now, make the pudding by whipping together the pudding mix and the milk. This will need to chill for 10 minutes before you move to the next step.

Brown chocolate pudding has been topped with white whipped topping.

Add the whipped topping to the pudding. This will transform it into an airy, chocolatey delight.

A bowl of chocolate pudding mixed with whipped topping

All mixed up? Excellent! Divide it evenly among cups. You can use clear plastic drink cups, if you are serving this at home. Or put this into Mason jars or clear plastic containers with screw tops or you want to transport it for lunches on the go.

Once the pudding is in the cups, chill it for 10 minutes. It will thicken further.

Little plastic cups of chocolate pudding are shown with a bowl of crushed Oreo cookies and another of gummy worms.

Time for toppings! Crush those Oreo cookies to make “dirt.” Then sprinkle it on top. Remember to divide the “dirt” evenly among the cups.

Finally, finish it off with gummy worms. Tuck them into the “dirt” a bit so it looks like they are trying to climb out.

A close up of a dirt cup with pudding. Gummy worms peek out the top of the cup.

Now, your creepy, crawly, funky Dirt Cups are ready to be enjoyed. Kids will love these.

They work for snacks at home or on the go. Just remember to choose your containers wisely based on how and when you plan to serve them.

Dirt Cups with Pudding

Dirt Cups with Pudding

Yield: 8 (9-oz cups)
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes


Dirt Cups

  • 1-2 small box (3.4 oz) instant chocolate pudding mix **see notes
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 tub (8 oz) whipped topping, thawed


  • 10-12 Oreo cookies, crushed
  • Gummy worms


  1. In a medium bowl, add cold milk
  2. Sprinkle pudding over top and whisk until well combined
  3. Place in refrigerator about 10 minutes or until set
  4. Fold in whipped topping until well combined
  5. Add to glasses or cups
  6. Place in refrigerator 20 minutes to chill
  7. Crush cookies in food processor or resealable plastic bag until fine
  8. Sprinkle on top 
  9. Add gummy worms


Depending on the thickness you like, you may need to add 2 boxes of pudding mix to achieve desired consistency.

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