Fill your family’s lunch boxes with something special this year. Here’s how to send a little love to carry them through the day.

They say that food is love, and it is. But there are so many ways you can send a little love along with the food you prepare with love.

This list will help you fill lunch boxes with love this year. See what speaks to you, or let the ideas spark something fresh and different.

  1. Write on the napkin – Remembering to pack a napkin is essential. But this is one essential that’s easy adapted to show your love: through a napkin message. Simply use a marker to add a message to the paper napkin. Even a simple “Love you!” can be extra special.
  2. Pack a favorite drink – Juice, lemonade, yogurt drinks. Whatever they love, packing a drink they adore shows how much you love them. Maybe chocolate milk isn’t right for every day, but surprise them with a chilled shelf-stable carton (don’t forget the ice pack!) once in a while if they love it.
  3. Cut that sandwich into a heart – Fun fact: It’s super easy to cut sandwiches into shapes with big cookie cutters. Pick up a heart-shaped one and use it to cut prepared sandwiches into that familiar, loving shape. Easy, right?
  4. Send a Kiss (and maybe a Hugs too) – I totally co-opted this idea years ago from the mom of one of my son’s kindergarten classmates. She tucked a Hershey’s Kiss into her son’s lunchbox daily to let him know she was thinking of him (how sweet!). I didn’t do it all the time, but when I did it was a nice surprise for my kids to find chocolates in with their snacks and lunches.
  5. Include a special treat — Who doesn’t smile and feel loved when they get a super tasty treat? Might I suggest something fun like Dirt Cups?

What are your favorite ways to send a little love in your loved ones’ lunch boxes?

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