It’s natural: containers leak, things spill, lunch bags get dirty. So you might be wondering: Can you wash neoprene lunch bags?

Neoprene lunch bags are great — durable, reliable and able to keep food appropriately hot or cold. But what about when they get dirty?

Neoprene lunch bags have grown in popularity in recent years — and for good reason. The fabric, neoprene, is used for wetsuits, drink koozies, seat covers and more. It’s a synthetic rubber that is a good insulator. Ultimately that means that neoprene keeps temperatures in — hot or cold.

No wonder lunch bags made with neoprene are popular, right?

Regardless of what type of lunch bag you use though, foods spill. Used forks make bags dirty. So many things can happen to transform a clean lunch bag into a foul one.

If you’re aiming to keep your lunch bags sparkling clean (and you should be!), you’ll need to know: can you wash neoprene lunch bags?

In short: yes.

Neoprene lunch bags are highly washable. Just as you’d wash a wetsuit, for example, you can wash neoprene lunch bags. 

But how? It’s simple really. Seriously, as far as household chores go, this is a pretty easy one. 

Cleaning neoprene lunch bags is best done with one of two methods:

  1. Wash your neoprene lunch bag in the washing machine. It can be washed with other items and will come out looking good as new.
  2. Hand wash your lunch bag. Wash it in your sink as you would hand wash other items.

Then, when you’re done, let the bag drip dry.

Personally, I prefer to toss it in the washing machine with my kitchen rags — it’s just so easy! Then I let it drip dry.

Plus, there’s a hidden bonus in this: Since neoprene lunch bags are so easy to wash, you can do so often. That means you’re avoiding the stinky, smelly, dirty mess that can happen in other, less easily-washed bags. 


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