Say no to boring sandwiches! With a little creativity, you can perk up your turkey sandwich for a delightful meal experience.

A turkey sandwich on whole grain bread is shown on a purple plate with chips. This post is about how to perk up your turkey sandwich.

I’m sitting at my desk eating a turkey sandwich on 7-grain bread with a smear of roasted red pepper hummus and a slice of Swiss cheese. It’s divine. I didn’t bother to cut it in half, though I am a devoted sandwich-cutter (as yesterday’s turkey sandwich, above, shows). The house is quiet, still even. My kids are both in school, and I am here alone, save the two crazy beagles who are taking their mid-day nap.

It’s so quiet.

I’ve worked at home for more than two years, since I left my wonderful staff job to freelance full time. And for the past two years, I have almost constantly had my kids underfoot. It was what I left my job for. But right now, I am grateful for the quiet.

Two years ago, I would rush and rush to drop Will off to school in the afternoons and hope that Paige would remain asleep long enough for me to get a little work done before she needed her afternoon dose of eat, play, diaper change, nap, repeat. Last year, we made it out on time to get to school more often than not, but after drop off would be a rush to get Paige into bed for her nap and prayers that she actually would take one.

But now it’s quiet, and I really like it — despite how unnerving it is. Today, I ate a whole turkey sandwich without anyone asking for a bite, or a glass of water, or cookies for dessert. Shortly, I might pick up and run to the store, just because I can. Or, perhaps I will clean (that doesn’t sound as fun though) or even kick back for a little relaxation. (More likely I will just keep working …)

Whatever it is, it feels so nice to have this little spot of time to myself. Although I love the happy chaos of my kids being constantly underfoot, I also need the quiet moments to recharge. That turkey sandwich was phenomenal … not necessarily because it was the best one ever (though it was really very tasty), but because it’s something I got to do on my own. And that is very good for everyone.

How to Perk up Your Turkey Sandwich

  1. Trade the mayo for hummus: I’ve never been a big fan of mayo, but hummus is fabulous on turkey sandwiches. It adds a nice zing.
  2. Make it California style: A little avocado (or mashed avocado), lettuce and bacon can really make a plain turkey sandwich phenomenal.
  3. Ditch the bread: I love my sandwich on bread, but it’s also delicious in a wrap or pita pocket. Or just roll up the turkey with cheese for a fast finger food.
  4. Change the cheese: Swiss is awesome with turkey, but so are so many other cheeses like Havarti, cheddar and brie.
  5. Stack it: Love tapenade? Hummus? Avocado, tomato and lettuce? It’s okay to mix, match and experiment with your favorite toppings … and use several at a time. It could be the best sandwich that you’ve never had.

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